I knew it’s gonna be a busy week. But it’s just mid-week and I’m already………

I knew it’s gonna be a busy week. But it’s just mid-week and I’m already………

12:43 AM //

I’m waiting for my MacDelivery as I’m typing this.

Talk about eating clean… It’ll never last long for me.

Nine more days till July ends. And it’ll be a start again.

What I mean is… Starting School.

It’s not that I’m dreading school though. But I’m also not really looking forward to it. You get that feeling???

Oh well. It’s gonna be a busy busy week for me! I like being busy actually.


always start young 💄

always start young 💄

I can’t deny that I do have one of the best job among my friends.

I have the bestest boss everrr. *Perks of working for him! Woooooooo, dessert!!!

I don’t dread going to work but I just find it difficult to prepare myself for work. Yes, I’m nothing but a super lazy bum.

On a side note, there’s another plane that crashed and it’s from Malaysia Airlines again…

And then, there’s a lot of talking going on like how we should cherish the time with our loved ones, tell the special one you love him/her and so on.

And then, I had this conversation in my pea-sized brain.

Brain: What would you do if you’re going to die tomorrow?

Me: I will tell the ones I love, I love them…

Brain: So what are you waiting for? Just tell them even though you’re not dying tomorrow.

Me: I can’t do it.

The truth is, I really can’t do it. I have no idea what’s holding me back. Maybe I’ll need a million shots to get my mind screwed up before I’m able to say my last words.

Just like how I made that silly phone call……… oh fml please

Till then, this will be the only space for me - to say my last words.


有些人 在心底从来没忘记
有些事 有些梦 永远找不到谜底

Tonight’s just one of those nights that I’m unsure if I’m tired or I’m just really sad.

Suddenly, everything’s not going my way. Suddenly, the world’s against me. Suddenly, suddenly…

I have no idea how I’m gonna pen this shit down because my mind’s simply in a mess.

"Because when the world quiets to the sound of your own breathing, we all want the same things: comfort, love and a peaceful heart."

best Monday ever ☀️☀️☀️

best Monday ever ☀️☀️☀️

I did not pen down any words the past few days. And that’s not because I’ve forgotten but rather I’m really drained. The minute I’m on my bed, I’m immediately sent off to lalaland. Awesome!!!

Let’s not sidetrack…

I worked. I partied. I feasted. I went bowling(wtf right). I shopped.

It was so fun and I really enjoyed myself.

Or perhaps, it started on a good note because Germany won Brazil… 7-1. Okay wait, Germany TRASHED Brazil to be exact. Oh my god. I’m utterly speechless. ***sidetracking again***

Truth to be told, I sometimes feel I ain’t acting like a responsible adult. Technically, I should be living less ‘flippantly’ and planning for the bigger picture. But no, I just cannot be bothered about priorities for now. I’m not chasing after anything, other than what I want.

It feels wrong.

But I feel more right. And that is all that matters, for now.