at 海底捞火锅 313 Somerset

at 海底捞火锅 313 Somerset

The only ‘Me Time’ that I’ve for myself… 30 minutes of shopping.

Shopping makes me H A P P Y.

The morning went off to a bad start.

You know sometimes, when your schedule gets really packed, all that you’ll ever want would just be simply for everything to fall into place.

Oh well, I can’t blame anyone but myself.

And so I literally dragged myself out of bed to prepare for my morning lecture only to realize there’s no lecture. Damn. I showered. I packed my bag. I’m ready to leave the house. Shit, there’s no lecture today.

I’m just so so upset with myself these few days :(

Perhaps I can only blame it on the lack of sleep…

On a side note, I miss my babies Adria and Jaydon. I haven’t seen them for about a month or more. Oh yes, I miss spending time with my cousins too. Ah I miss them… Even though they’re annoying monsters.

November would be a lot better, I hope?


I’m so awfully drained that I wish I could put everything on hold.

It’s amazing how my body is surviving with such minimal amount of sleep.

I’m indeed exhausted. I wanna cry :(

I can’t remember what it’s like to not be tired………

just can’t get enough 🍀🍃🌺🌴🍄🌱 (at Toss and Turn - Ion)

just can’t get enough 🍀🍃🌺🌴🍄🌱 (at Toss and Turn - Ion)

6:48 PM //

e x h a u s t e d beyond words :(


looking for new blogs! message me and ill check out your blog!


looking for new blogs! message me and ill check out your blog!

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Forget me // Forget me not

Forget me // Forget me not

I saw my shadow in someone.

I didn’t know what to say to make her feel better. I could only watch her wipe her tears away as I sat helplessly opposite her. She spoke of their happy times and arguments and what not. It was painful hearing her talk about it.

I’m pretty sure she’ll be fine in time to come. All that’s left is for time to work its magic and her heart will be healed(I hope).

He’s sleeping. She’s crying. Familiar much. Ah that’s life………

“We are like Humpty Dumpty and all these king’s horses and all these king’s men cannot put us back together again”